Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Seconds (in the life of a streetcar not named)

Drowning in music

the highway stripper

turns the stereo up

unhooking his bra from the windshield

Take me for a ride

oh baby take me high; high

Let me make you rise; rise

make it last all night.

...and the teenage mustang

going from 60 to 80 over the highway

-arizona; the landscape of my dreams-

rolling, ever rolling

disappearing over the horizon

merging with the sexual landscape of clouds.

Underneath it all

the lonely old man

holding his starry skies up to the unrelenting sun

muses salvation.

Signposting barren nothingness

flashing thongs on widow sides

(our nameless adventurer

stares into the depths

of sandy clothes lying abandoned)

stripped clean of his flesh

(his heart racing; in his skin tight jeans?)

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